MGM in June

MGM Home Entertainment have announced their June Region 2 DVD line-up.

First up, continuing the James Bond series is From Russia With Love which is due for release on 26 June. Once again we have a special edition on our hands and the disc will contain a feature on the director - Terence Young, a documentary entitled 'Inside From Russia With Love', the original trailers including the theatrical trailer and finally, radio spots.
Red River, an early John Wayne classic is scheduled for release on 12 June along with what is one of the most famous Westerns ever - The Alamo. Both discs will retail at £19.99. Red River will feature the original theatrical trailer while The Alamo will contain a 40 minute featurette focusing on the making of the film along with the original theatrical trailer.

Continuing the Western theme we have Hang 'Em High starring Clint Eastwood. This one is also due on 12 June and will also retail at £19.99. In terms of extras we can expect the theatrical trailer to make an appearance but not very much else.

On 19 June, we can expect three Sci-fi/Horror releases - Cyborg, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Lord of Illusions. As always, all three discs will retail for £19.99. Invasion of the Body Snatchers will feature a directors commentary and the theatrical trailer, Lords of Illusion gets some deleted scenes and an audio commentary by Clive Barker and finally, Cyborg gets a trailer.

To round off, Stargate SG1: Volume 5 will make an appearance on 26 June and will feature episodes 13-16 of the popular TV series. Episodes include The Tok'ra: Part 2, A Matter of Time, Touchstone and The Fifth Race. Unsurprisingly, the disc will retail for £19.99.

Colin Polonowski

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