From Russia With Love: The Extras!

MGM have kindly supplied us with a preview video of the extra features on the upcoming Region 2 release of From Russia With Love. The DVD itself will be released on 26 June and will retail at £19.99...

The extras differ slightly from the those listed in the press release - namely, the Terence Young feature (which will in fact be on next weeks release of Dr No) has been replaced with Harry Saltzman: The Showman. This is a feature on the co-producer of the first nine Bond movies and features a number of interesting interviews with early Bond stars. It runs to 26 minutes and looks at some of his other work as well.

There are a large selection of trailers as listed below:

  • From Russia With Love Theatrical Trailer (3 minutes 33 seconds)
  • From Russia With Love/Dr No Trailer (1 minute 59 seconds)
  • From Russia With Love/Thunderball Trailer (1 minute 52 seconds)
  • From Russia With Love/Thunderball Trailer 60 second TV spot
  • From Russia With Love/Thunderball Trailer 20 second TV spot
  • From Russia With Love/Thunderball Trailer 10 second TV spot
Next up is Inside Fron Russia With Love (34 minutes), a fairly recent look at the movie in question narrated by Patrick Macnee. It includes a number of choice interviews looking back on the second Bond film, most noteworthy are probably those with Sean Connery and the late Desmond Llewelyn. That said, there are some really interesting tit-bits in almost all of the interviews giving the viewer a good incite into what it was like making the movie.

To finish off there are 3 radio spots with a total running time of 1m 45s.

Of course, I can't comment on the picture or sound quality seeing as the only media I have is the video tape! The main theatrical trailer appears to be anamorphic while the rest of the extra features are full screen. All in all, things really are looking good for the next James Bond release - if MGM can keep up this standard of extras for the whole series then these really will be the ultimate collectors editions!

Colin Polonowski

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