End to Macrovision Disabled Players?

An interesting story from the DVD Europe 2000 Conference in London is that of Macrovision's legal threats against manufacturers of machines with secret menus that allow the circumvention of their copy protection system. Machines such as the Apex, Sampo and Shinco all have hidden features that allow Macrovision to be disabled, and it is this that the company are now threatening to sue over. It is assumed that most of the manufacturers involved in this issue will back down and remove this loophole, and indeed, Apex have already done so in their new firmware. Whilst this is not much of a problem to the average DVD user, it brings into question the future of region free machines, as this too is a dubious area. What will happen should the DVD Forum decide to pursue this issue is anybody's guess, especially with the recent news that over 65% of DVD players are region free. Thanks to DVD News for the heads up on that one.

Carl Prescott

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