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For the first time in ages, a Wharfedale news item that doesn't concern their DVD player! Those of you who have been looking at the cheap Wharfedale CTV-850 currently on sale in Tesco stores up and down the country will be interested to hear that this set doesn't support Anamorphic material as standard. Thankfully, all is not lost - Wharfedale have seen sense and have released details on how to enable the anamorphic mode. The reason cited for not including this essential feature as standard is that it would "complicate the day-to-day operation of the TV set". This is in my opinion a little careless considering the market this TV set would be aimed at - those who want to make the most of widescreen material from sources such as DVD or Sky Digital. At least they have offered a solution so I wont be too harsh! You can download the appropriate documentation here.

Colin Polonowski

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