Happiness, Mad Cows, The Trench and Ride With The Devil

Yes, once again Entertainment in Video are late with a press release! They have now officially announced four titles which were down for release during May! First up is Happiness (18), released on 22 May for £19.99. No details on extras, sound or picture formats have been announced although the press release does state there will be an 'impressive range of added value features', whatever that means. Next, we have Mad Cows (15) which was also released on 22 May for £19.99. The DVD features interviews, a making-of featurette and the theatrical trailer. The Trench (15), was released on 15 May for £19.99 and features 41 minutes of extras comprising of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Finally, Ride With The Devil (15) was also released on 15 May for £19.99 and features the theatrical trailer, a featurette and behind-the-scenes footage. It looks like EiV have settled on a £19.99 price point for all their releases, regardless of quality and content. This is a little disappointing as they have yet to prove they can consistently produce high-quality discs which are deserving of such a price. There certainly are a number of great discs in their collection but these are outnumbered by those which are either just disappointing or a travesty!

Colin Polonowski

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