Buffy rumour

Rumour time again! As always, take this with a pinch of salt until we hear otherwise...

I've just had an interesting mail from one of my anonymous sources with regards to what we may be able to expect from the first Buffy DVD boxset. Firstly, it looks like we'll now be getting a January 2001 release in Region 2 and season two following a few months later in the form of two boxsets much like the current VHS releases.

Now for the interesting bit! According to my source, the first box set will include the as-yet unbroadcast original pilot episode. I'm also told that the first two 'real' episodes (ie. the two part opener "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest") will feature a commentary track by Joss Whedon and possibly some other members of the cast including Sarah Michelle Geller, Anthony Stewart Head and Nicholas Brendon.

Colin Polonowski

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