Wharfedale firmware (yet again!)

I've been seeing reports that the latest batch of Wharfedale DVD750 DVD players do not suffer from the documented problems with regards to disc menus. The oft mentioned problem with The Matrix appears to be non-existant with the players currently on the shelves.

I've once again been in touch with Wharfedale (I'm sure they must be getting fed up with me by now!). I've just had a reply from Julian Maddock from Wharfedale, here is the response straight from the horses keyboard:

"We always found that the problem in the Matrix menu (fixed by hitting '6') was always a bit hit and miss anyway. Some machines worked, some didn't (the majority) - irrespective of the machine's vintage. Being totally realistic, I suppose I cannot completely and utterly rule out the possibility that LSI Logic (chipset manufacturer) have re-written a few lines of code in-between sending us chipset batches. However, LSI Logic have not in any way made us aware of any such updates nor do we consider that the chipset has been updated. As far as I'm concerned we're on exactly the same firmware as day one. The Matrix really doesn't prove it one way or the other."

So, as far as Wharfedale are concerned nothing has changed. If you have a recent Wharfedale player which does suffer from the Matrix menu problems then please drop me a line - it'll be interesting to see of the problems really have gone away or not!

Colin Polonowski

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