Many of you will have been reading the DVD File reports on this years VSDA convention. There isn't space here to summarise everything reported on in those excellent reports, but I will mention the major issues raised. The next post, above, will look at some of the exciting DVD titles announced.

Rental pricing in R1 was discussed, but no firm conclusions drawn. It does look, however, that this depressing R2 trend is going to raise its head in R1 by the end of the year.

The enthusiasm of studios for two disc sets rather than the use of DVD-18 was another issue raised. Apparently, DVD-18 is more expensive to produce because of the high error rate in duplication. Retailers and rental outlets dislike DVD-18 as well.

It was also stressed, by some studios, that the mainstream consumer taste was still biased towards fullscreen rather than widescreen and that, while widescreen was still the standard, there would be more fullscreen titles appearing "when appropriate to the material."

It was also suggested that Dolby DTS will become more prevalent on discs, since it has become increasingly popular.

Thanks to DVD File for this information, and to Paul Baxter for his forum post which forced me to get all this information processed !

Mike Sutton

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