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Several announcements from Universal about their R1 releases were made at the VSDA convention, as reported by DVD File.

Touch of Evil - One of Orson Welles best films in the controversial re-edited version which was released in the UK last year. A copy of the editing memo left by Welles and used in the new version is included in full on the dvd, along with an hour long documentary and outtakes. The picture will be anamorphic, and this must-buy package is released on the 31st October.

Somewhere In Time - Bet you didn't know it was 20 years since this movie debuted and quickly flopped in cinemas. Well, some people are obsessed by this love story starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, and the disc includes "An inside look at the Somewhere In Time Fan Club" which promises to be fascinating, if a little terrifying. The disc also includes a remastered anamorphic transfer, a commentary and a documentary of the making of the film. This is the oddest special edition I've seen announced for some time, but it does make me feel better about my "Exorcist II The Heretic" obsession.

Day and date titles include the eminently missable Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas, Rocky and Bullwinkle and that British favourite U-571.

Another theatrical flop which has developed a fiercely loyal cult following is Legend, and a special edition will be released in November. We are promised another of Ridley Scott's excellent commentaries, a documentary and a "new cut" of the film in anamorphic 2.35:1.

Other upcoming special editions, with no release dates as yet, include Clint Eastwood's splendid Play Misty For Me, Robert Zemeckis's effects-fest Death Becomes Her, a new version of the Coen Brothers stunning debut Blood Simple, both versions of Cape Fear and The Sting, a film I personally can't stand but which is staggeringly popular. So what do I know ?

More titles in the Alfred Hitchcock collection are promised, hopefully including Rear Window and Frenzy, my personal favourites of the Master's work.

Universal have decided not to release two disc special editions and they don't want to support DVD-18 either, so we aren't likely to get anything on the order of The Abyss from them at the moment.

Mike Sutton

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