A DTS Conspiracy?!

A strange thing has cropped up regarding the recent release of Jaws in Region 1. The original movie was recorded in mono and as such the Dolby Digital and DTS remixes shouldn't really be any different in terms of quality.

Interestingly, after reading various reviews - particularly Michael Brooke's review on this site and Neil Jenkins' multi-region/format comparison over at The UK DVD Debate is appears that the DTS version is significantly superior to the Dolby Digital release. This is despite the fact that in general DTS isn't that much better both in practice and in theory.

Another interesting point of note is that Steven Spielberg gets a share of the money from every DTS disc sold and as this is one of his biggest movie releases to be appear on DVD to date it appears that there may be another, altogether more dubious reason why the DTS release is better...

This is an interesting state of affairs at the very least - and it's also all speculation... There is an interesting thread in the forum which is currently focussing on this...

Colin Polonowski

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