Philips Introduce Top Spec Player

In what I believe to be an online exclusive, I have received news that Philips are intending to bring the DVD-960 player across from the US to the UK. Aimed mainly at the audiophile, the player is a high spec machine offering the highest performing video and audio digital to analogue conversion systems currently available.

Looking very sleek, the player has minimal clutter on the front with only for buttons available on the unit itself. Housing an on/off button around the back of the machine, it very much tries to fit in with the 'high-end CD player' look, and it manages to pull this off quite well.

Featuring dual lasers, the player is equally suited to playing back either DVDs or all CD media (including CD-R and CD-RW). The unit also supports Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG audio output along with S-Video, YUV and SCART (RGB or composite) video outs. Looks as though this could be a serious bit of kit and should be available from your nearest Philips retailer by the end of the month.

Carl Prescott

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