Is it worth it?

I'm talking about running DVD Times. Most of the time I really enjoy working on making this what I consider to be the best site in the UK, however some days things happen which make me come so close to pulling the plug on the whole thing. After yesterdays abuse of the forums and bug reports, we thought things would calm down. Unfortunately not - not only has the same person tried to cause havoc on the forums again today (and failed), someone else has spent well over two hours of their life trying to ruin our poll by voting for two different retailers over 400 times... How sad. I refuse to let things like this spoil the site for me, but sometimes I really do wonder if it is worth the hassle. While the vast majority of mature adults (and kids) who visit this site either enjoy their time here, or if they don't like it at least they don't try to ruin things for those who do. Thankfully, its times like these when the real site supporters show up - thank you to everyone who has posted to the forum supporting us in our actions. I'd just like to say to the people abusing this site that your are not anonymous and we will take action if it is deemed appropriate - in fact some of the posts yesterday could quite possibly justify a law suit and we will be taking some sort of action against you. You HAVE been warned.

Colin Polonowski

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