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Did Ya Miss Me?

Well, after a thoroughly great holiday, I'm back. It doesn't look like the world has collapsed without me (although I haven't been to work yet, so we'll see on that one) and I should be back in full news posting force sometime over the weekend. I'll try to post any hardware related stories I've missed whilst I've been away so if you see a slurry of stories appearing over the next few days, that will be why. I'll also work through the great big pile of e-mails I've received in my absence so if you are awaiting a reply, I haven't forgotten about you, I'm working on it.

Whilst I remember, a big thank you must go to Paul Baxter for filling me in on all the juicy gossip I've missed whilst I've been sunning myself, getting drunk, dangerously riding a scooter and stuffing myself full of cheap food. Cheers Paul.

On a completely non-DVD related note, I'd like to announce my engagement to my girlfriend of 3 years, Amy who managed to get me drunk enough (it was her fault, honest guv) to finally pop the question. Rather worryingly, she agreed so now I have the great honour of buying her a big bloody expensive ring. Please send all congratulatory pints of beer and bottles of champagne to the usual address.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:55:25

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