New Titles from Image Entertainment

Image Entertainment have announced their complete line-up of October releases.

There's little to get particularly excited about - they seem to be spending much of their time repackaging old titles into three-disc box sets featuring the work of such diverse talents as Charlie Chaplin, Edward D Wood Jr and Herschell Gordon Lewis, and most of the single-disc releases are the usual collection of dodgy 1950s/60s low-budget sex-and-horror flicks (Body Beneath, The Curious Dr Humpp, Cosmic Man, The Bloody Pit of Horror and the legendary Robot Monster with its gorilla with a fishbowl on its head striking terror into the hearts of all who see it) together with lots of discs with the words 'Penthouse' and either 'Centerfold' or 'Swimsuit' in the title.

There are a couple of gems buried in there, though - most notably Akira Kurosawa's Russian epic Dersu Uzala and a compilation of short films by Ladislas Starewicz, the great-grandfather of stop-motion animation, whose rarely-screened films are remarkable even by contemporary standards.

Michael Brooke

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