Tarzan: A First Look

I spent all day yesterday in Paris courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. As well as meeting Sean from DVD Web and Mark from DVD News (Lee from DVD Debate was suppose to be there, but I won't go into that!), we were treated to a sneak preview of the upcoming Tarzan DVD. Look out for a full review of the standard edition later today!

I will say that in terms of presentation, this is one of the best Buena Vista releases so far. The anamorphic picture and Dolby Digital sound are faultless, and the inclusion of extras is a real bonus. Those of you who were angry about the pre-film trailers on recent Region 1 Buena Vista discs will be disappointed to hear that they are now starting to appear on Region 2 discs. The Tarzan DVD features pre-movie trailers for Toy Story 2, The Little Mermaid 2 and The Tigger Movie...

Tarzan will be released on 4 September in two versions - the standard release (expected to retail at £22.99) and a two-disc collector's edition retailing at £24.99.

While the DVD preview was one aspect of my visit to Walt Disney Feature Animation, most of the day was spent in the company of animators who actually worked on the film. We were given a very good demostration of what it actually takes to make an animated movie and I really did enjoy myself!

Colin Polonowski

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