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Well, it happened a little earlier than planned! I have now implemented the new look and the site is now running on a new server. I would appreciate any feedback you may wish to share on the new look, and please vote in our poll over on the right. Some of the advantages of the new look site are that it is far less complicated and far easier on the eye. The site can be viewed comfortably in any resolution now as well so those of you with 640x480 displays will certainly benefit.

You may have noticed the Reviews index changed a couple of weeks back - this was just a small part of the overall improvements we are making to the site. We've got some ideas for some great new sections which will make your daily DVD Times visits even more enjoyable!

We have a wonderful new search engine - custom built for the new site. Unlike the old one, this one is far more thorough and searches the news, reviews and release dates for the word or phrase you're looking for. It's not quite perfect and is still being worked on, but it is a huge improvement over the old one.

There may be some broken links (or even links that point back to the old site). These will probably be rectified soon, but in the mean time I apologise in advance for any problems you may encounter. If you do run into trouble please don't hesitate to let me know through e-mail as I may be able to sort it out.

The new look isn't entirely complete yet - those text links up in the top right-hand corner are a little boring aren't they? Well we are currently working on jazzing them up a little so in the next couple of weeks they will be replaced.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the new look and suggested ways of improving the look of the site, and also thanks to Neil Jones-Rodway for once again designing a nice logo for us!

Colin Polonowski

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