Terminator 2: Delayed or not?!

Well, there has been a lot of debate over the last few days over the availability of Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition. The special edition release is due to appear on Region 1 shelves next Tuesday, but reports have been flooding in from people who have been informed that the disc has been delayed. To add to the confusion, some people have already received their discs - so what is actually happening?

Terminator 2: UE was initially planned for release in two versions - the Ultimate Edition in a nice tin slip case and the Limited Edition (same disc, more conventional packaging). However, due to the negligible difference in cost, Artisan finally decided to scrap the Limited Edition and to instead make all discs Ultimate Editions...

The disc itself was originally planned to be a DVD-18 - that's a two sides, dual layer disc. However, production capacity for this format is severely limited and as such Artisan were unable to meet the high demand. Instead of delaying the release, they have decided to postpone only in Canada and in order to cope with the demand they have decided to make the Canadian release a 2-disc DVD-9 version due to the fact that there is no restriction on the number of units in this format they can produce (this will also apply to subsequent US pressings too).

So, if you have ordered your disc from a Canadian retailer or from a UK based retailer which sources stock from Canada you will most likely not receive your disc this week. However, don't panic as you will get it soon. Most retailers expect to have stock of the two-disc version within the next week or so.

If you have ordered from a US based company then your disc should be despatched between now and 29 August.

Update: It appears that the 2-disc version of Terminator 2 will in fact not go into production until 15 September - in which case, any discs shipped before this time will almost certainly be of the DVD-18 variety.

Colin Polonowski

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