6 new BBC DVDs

BBC Worldwide have confirmed a number of new childrens (or students) DVD releases due out this Autumn.

Here Come the Teletubbies and Dance with the Teletubbies provides 114 minutes of psychadelic entertainment - in 11 languages (if that really makes any difference - they must sound the same in any language!). This one is due on 18 September at a retail price of £16.99.

That's not all from the Teletubbies though as on 30 October another dual release will hit the shelves. Teletubbies and the Snow and Happy Christmas from the Teletubbies runs to 139 minutes and once again will cost you £16.99...

Those of you who like your entertainment to be a little more high-brow will be pleased to hear that The Tweenies are also coming to a DVD retailler near you soon. The first release features two titles - Animal Friends and Party Games, Laughs and Giggles. It's due on 9 October @ £16.99.

The second release is due on 30 October and features Merry Tweenie Christmas. The price? Yes, you guessed it - £16.99!

At last, Wallace and Gromit are to make an appearance in the UK on 20 November. The DVD release will retail for £19.99 and will feature all three Wallace and Gromit adventures - A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave. Whether the UK release will also include the extras present on the Region 1 release is unknown.

Finally, Robbie the Reindeer will be released on 23 October at £12.99 - I would say more about this one, but the fact is I haven't got a clue other than one of the voices is provided by Ardan O'Hanlan...

Colin Polonowski

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