Buffy? Out on 27 November? Oh Yes!

We can now confirm that Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 1 has been scheduled for release in box-set form on 27 November. This confirmation is coming from within Fox so it's as near-to-dammit as close as we're going to get to an official announcement during the next month or so.

If you have been reading DVD Times for the last month or so then there will be no suprise to you that there will indeed be three discs, and the retail price will be a fairly reasonable £39.99 (a fiver more than the VHS boxes). The box set will feature all twelve episodes (four on each disc), with a number of extras (which although unconfirmed are almost certain to be those mentioned in our earlier update on the Region 4 set).

So, if you've been following things on DVD Times - there's not really a lot new here for you. If you're not up with things and haven't been reading DVD Times recently then just click here to retrieve a list of previous Buffy related news and rumoured dates.

So just to recap - Buffy is coming to Region 2 DVD on 27 November, and that's a fact!

Colin Polonowski

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