Big releases disappoint?

Well, they've certainly disappointed me and here's why...

Starting with Men In Black (full review to follow in the next couple of days) - why did they bother? That is my initial thought. I suppose if you're a fan of the movie then there is a good chance you have already bought the limited edition - for those of you who haven't, I'd personally recommend you think about it carefully before parting with your hard earned cash. What we basically have is three sides worth of fluff - the film is there and it looks pretty good but the vast majority of the extra material has no real value in my opinion. Also, what is it with the soundtrack - Dolby Digital can sound so much better than this, is it something to do with the fact that in Region 1 there is also a DTS version available? Is this another Jaws-like scenario?

I haven't checked through everything yet, but so far I'm not impressed. OK, so I'm not a fan of the film - but if you spend the extra on the limited edition and expect a lot of value for money you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Now onto Tarzan - I've reviewed the standard edition on DVD Times and it's a damn fine disc - not worth the asking price of £22.99, but certainly worth picking up from one of the cheaper on-line retaillers. So, what's the problem? Well my main bugbear is that the limited edition doesn't contain the commentary present on the equivalent Region 1 release - what the hell is going on there?! £24.99 for a two-disc release is fine, and in the case of Tarzan the increased price tag is justifiable (the extra material is, by all accounts, quite interesting), but by missing out the commentary Disney have really screwed up - why buy this version when the Region 1 Limited Edition is available for less and contains more?

The two biggest releases of the year? I'll leave that for you to decide. In my view, neither comes close to last week's Region 1 Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition so if Kinowelt manage to give us the same disc in Region 2 I'll be very happy indeed!

If you have any comments on any of this then feel free to air them over in the DVD Forums.

Colin Polonowski

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