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Reports are coming through that Sony may be responsible for recent change in model from a well-known budget DVD player manufacturer. Apparantly, Sony have bought out the entire worldwide stock of LSI Logic chips to use in the PS2. This means that the aforementioned well-known budget DVD player manufacturer has had to change their model due to a reliance on said chipset.

For those of you completely confused by the above, Sony have bought the chipset that was, up until the other day, the heart of the Wharfedale DVD750. Coincidentally, Wharfedale have just announced a new version of this machine incorporating an enitrely new, non-LSI chipset.

Sarcasm aside, this does mean that the European and US PS2's have adopted an entirely different DVD playback method to that of the Japanese model; hardware instead of software. This is almost certainly in response to allegations of poor quality DVD playback on the Japanese unit and is good news (for once) for us British. Playback should now be in line with budget DVD players such as the Wharfedale mentioned above.

So there you go, a vaguely interesting story about chipsets and stuff.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:48:34

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