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DeCSS Update - The MPAA Get Silly

Following on from my recent DeCSS Article (which you should all read as it potentially affects you), news is coming in of exactly the sort of ridiculous goings on the MPAA were expected to carry out.

Up until now, source code has been protected under the US free speech laws as in itself, it doesn't actually do anything, it merely describes how to do something. Now obviously describing how to do something is by no means the same thing as doing it, but the recent DeCSS court ruling has effectively said that they are one and the same thing. Describing how a photocopier works is now the same as photocopying protected material and breaking the law.

Anyway, the reason I'm drawing your attention back to this is that the MPAA have now successfully stopped a T-Shirt with the source code for DeCSS written on it being sold, claiming it circumvents their technology. This is despite the fact that there are several steps required to get to anywhere near that level and the fact that the shirt doesn't even contain all of the code.

Even more ridiculous is the news that they've instructed to remove a song where Joseph Wecker sings the source code! Only in America could something this mad be happening.

Carl Prescott

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