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Tarzan Commentary Confirmed

Well, it seems I was wrong to rant at Buena Vista last week - the Region 2 Tarzan: Collectors Edition does feature a commentary track despite the fact that Buena Vista themselves said it didn't.

Oddly though, it appears to be locked in some way and switching the audio is 'prohibited' during the film on this particular disc. There is a possible solution though - try the following (timing is important):

  • Play the movie
  • Press Stop
  • Press the Audio Button till "2 English" is selected.
  • Press the Chapter/Time Button once and select chapter 1
  • Press play again

Thanks to Andrew Gillen for confirming this for me, Oliver Wagner for the original tip-off and procedure and David McGowan for testing it out for me. Quite why Buena Vista have locked the commentary in this way is a mystery and the fact that they said it wasn't there at all really is bizarre - anyway, at least it is there and now we can say that the UK Collectors Edition is pretty much identical to the US release.

UPDATE: The 'commentary' is not a commentary after all. Thanks to some excellent detective work by David McGowan we can reveal that the second audio track on the main film is in fact the audio from the featurettes on disc 2, not the commentary from Region 1 as suspected.

David has also come across a number of other oddities with the R2 Tarzan disc during his investigation. These include the sleeve notes referring to the non-existant commentary and incorrectly stating that the 'Read-along' and 'Trivia Game' are on disc 2 when they are in fact on disc 1.

So, all in all, not a very good result for Buena Vista.

Carl Prescott
Colin Polonowski

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