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More Sony woes...

Despite what you may have heard, we have heard a few reports that suggest that the Playstation 2 pre-order scheme wasn't quite as successful as Sony would have us believe - some stores may have as many as 80% of their allocation unsold! While this may not be representative of every shop in the UK it is still significantly different to what we had been told.

On a slightly different note, it appears that those who have already pre-ordered their PS2 may be in for a bit of a disappointment when they get home. According to The UK DVD Debate, the UK machine will not be supplied with a memory card as standard and buying one will set you back a not-insignificant £30. Even worse, if you're planning to use it to watch DVDs, there's yet another outlay required - £24.99 for a remote control. So while the basic price of the console is £299 you'll actually have to spend more like £355 before you can do anything with it - and that's before you add on the cost of any games/DVDs you may want to buy!

Colin Polonowski

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