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Long time readers will be aware of EiV's somewhat haphazard approach to their DVD announcements. Once again I've got a few late press releases in front of me, but this time they're accompanied by a few early announcements! Starting with Tumbleweeds which was apparently released on 18 September. The DVD will feature a trailer, but that's about all we know! We've also got a press release for Magnolia which still lists the release date as being 18 September - even though the disc has been delayed until next week! Full details on this one have been posted before and you can find them here. Next Friday is down for a 25 September release - further details are hard to make out from the press release due to the way everything has been worded (not only are two different release dates listed, we haven't got a price or details of extras and the screen format is referred to as being "16.9 Letterbox" - anyone know what that actually means?!!!). If you're interested, I can tell you it's got 20 chapter stops - a hugely important piece of information!!! American Psycho is expected on 9 October and will feature 7 minutes of deleted scenes, a 2 minute trailer and 35 minutes of on-set interviews. Surprisingly, I can also tell you that it will be anamorphic (the aspect ratio is listed as 16:9 but I wouldn't put much faith in that part) and will also feature a DD5.1 soundtrack. Desperate Measures is down for a 23 October release retailling at £19.99. It will feature a DD5.1 soundtrack and I think it will be anamorphic (see my comments on the Next Friday picture format above!). Finally, we have Boiler Room also due on 23 October. No further details are known on this one...

Colin Polonowski

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