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The 'Official' Official X-Box Specs

I think this must be the third time I've posted 'official' X-Box specifications, but these are the real deal according to Microsoft themselves;

  • Intel Pentium III 733MHz processor with Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • 300MHz custom-designed X-Chip, developed by Microsoft and nVidia
  • 64 MB of RAM (unified memory architecture)
  • Custom 3-D audio processor
  • 8GB hard drive
  • 5X DVD drive with movie playback
  • Four game controller ports
  • Expansion port
  • Proprietary A/V connector
  • 10/100 MBps Ethernet
  • Broadband enabled
  • Modem enabled (optional)
A pretty beefy machine by all accounts, but what about its DVD playback capabilities I hear you cry? Well, good news on that front as it offers top quality DVD playback with HDTV support using a hardware/software combo.

The sound must be crap I hear you cynical gits yelling. Nope, that's good too and runs a bit like this;

  • 256 Audio channels
  • 3-D Audio support
  • Midi/DLS2 support
  • AC3 encoded game audio
AC3 games! It's about time we had something like that, and you can be assured that the DVD playback will be equally good.

All in all it looks like a very serious contender for the PS2 especially if it sells at the much touted £200 price point. So, you excited? Well, tough, you've got to wait until Autumn of next year before you'll even get a sniff of it. Bugger.

Carl Prescott

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