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Prices are coming down

DVD Debate are reporting that Warner Home Video are to start releasing a number of back-catalogue DVDs at a new lower price point of £12.99. Titles expected to be included are Mars Attacks and Contact - both of which played an important part in the early days of the DVD format in the UK.

[UPDATE: Apologies to The R2 Project and DVD Reviewer who both reported this information on 26 September. Credit where it's due and all that!]

On a related note, UK high-street retailer WH Smith have apparently cut the prices of their DVD range permantently - all £19.99 titles are now being sold for a reasonable £16.99 whereas £15.99 titles are now coming in at £12.99. Excellent news - and it'll be interesting to see how the on-line retailers react with high-street prices dropping to a level on par with most on-line stores.

DVD Plus are one on-line retailer who have come in for a lot of flak this week with their new 'e-tip' system. The idea is they will sell their stock to the public at 'cost price' and if people feel they've had good service they can then 'tip' DVD Plus whatever they feel appropriate. However, some eagle-eyed readers have pointed out that these 'cost' prices aren't particularly special when compared to the offers available through other retailers. With margins obviously already very low with all the major on-line names, it's going to be a rough few months for the smaller stores and it'll be interesting to see who survives.

This time next year, the Region 2 DVD market place could look a whole lot different...

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:45:18

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