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RCE: The Region 1 viewpoint

Thanks to Neil over at DVD Debate for bringing this to my attention. The highly regarded Region 1 website, The Digital Bits has posted up their take on the Region Coding Enhancement issue currently doing the rounds over pretty much any DVD related on-line news source - and it certainly makes interesting (if controversial) reading.

Briefly, it appears that Bill and Todd over at believe that region coding is a good thing and that those who try to get around it are the ones in the wrong.

In fact their take is, and I quote, "We've become selfish, all of us. We want EVERYTHING and we want it RIGHT NOW and to hell with anything or anyone who stands in our way."

However, until Region 2 DVD meets all the standards established by Region 1 it is my viewpoint that if we want the best then we should be able to make that decision and buy the versions of films we want. With censorship, prices and release dates all stacked up against Region 2 UK buyers why shouldn't we do what we can to get the best deal?

Region 2 is catching up fast and many discs released here do now at last match or even surpass their Region 1 counterparts, but things aren't perfect yet.

Pop across to The Digital Bits and let us know your thoughts on this.

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:43:58

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