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Utter Filth in Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2, a lovely family film wouldn't you say? Well, it would appear not as a number of the Region 1 versions of this DVD have scenes from the R-rated High Fidelity inserted, complete with swearing and all.

According to ABC News, about 45 minutes into the film the cartoon cuts to a rather foul-mouthed scene from High Fidelity. A distraught mother said, "There were two of what I consider pretty foul strong words just in that really quick moment," although there is no mention of exactly what those 'foul words' were.

Disney have acknowledged the problem and insist it is limited to a small number of US DVDs. They also say that they can't explain how it happened. "Disney... can’t explain it," said Joe Basse of Costco in order to backup my previous statement.


I've uncovered the offending 'phrase' - if you want to see what it is then view the comments attached to this story. It's a little too offensive to put on the front news page! (Colin Polonowski).

Carl Prescott

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