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The Sordid Tale of Total DVD, Techtronics and DVD Times

We all know that DVD Times is the greatest DVD information source in the known world and it appears that Total DVD think so too. So brilliant is the DVD Times Bug Report section that our friends Total DVD have been printing them wholesale in their Datapit section since the beginning of the year.

To be fair to Total DVD, the articles weren't written by their in-house team, but rather by a Mr Karl King of the lovely firm Techtronics. So it appears that for at least six months, Karl King has been composing articles that consist of word for word copies of our material. Suffice to say, we were not best pleased when we realised the extent to which this was happening and promptly complained.

Our efforts were rewarded this month with the following apology from Total DVD which is printed on page 117 of this month's issue;

"It's been pointed out to us that some information in previous Bug Reports in Datapit have been based on text from the DVD Times website. Our apologies for any inadvertent use of copyright material. You can visit the website at"

Total DVD no longer use material from DVD Times.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:42:32

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