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Buena Vista + Disney announcements

Buena Vista Home Entertainment made the following announcements at Whole New World last Thursday 26th October:

  • More aggressive in-store displays are planned for their Disney line of products. Relevance to us are special DVD (or Disney DVD as they always refer to it) stands, including a touch screen monitor that demonstrates some of the extras available on their discs.

  • Disney will be releasing their "Timeless Classics" (i.e. old animated movies) from mid next year, and are stating that these will all contain extras of some sort.

  • BVHE are - starting with Scream 3 - distributing their own movies on DVD, rather than through Warner. They are dedicated to releasing discs with extras, usually just matching region 1, but in some cases there will be "local extras". They also know how unhappy consumers were with the featureless flippers from a while back (e.g. the infamous region 2 Starship Troopers), and have plans to re-release these in a single side format, with extras. There are no official dates for these re-releases as yet.

Andy Hall

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:41:42

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