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Warner replace Snapper cases in Region 4

Earlier this week The R2 Project reported on Warner's Region 4 plans to replace their old snapper cases with nice new Amaray cases. I've been doing a little digging and here's what we've been able to ascertain...

Up until April this year, Warner were using the same cardboard snapper cases worldwide. However, Warner Australia decided to drop these in April and instead moved over to clear Amaray cases - this was for both back catalogue and new titles.

Warner have now decided to make the 'slicks' (the paper inserts in the Amaray cases) available to all of their previous customers free of charge - this way people can replace their cardboard snappers with Amaray cases if they so wish. Whether this strategy will be repeated elsewhere is unknown - until now, Warner have resisted dropping their snappers and there's no news as to whether similar plans are afoot in the UK...

Thanks go to Chris over at DVD Plaza, Stephen Rowley and everyone who replied to my message in the aus.dvd newsgroup.

Colin Polonowski

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