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Site accessing problems?

We've been aware that there have been problems accessing the menu bar at the top of the page since we got our address working again - at first it seemed that it was restricted to cache problems on just a couple of ISPs and I thought it would sort itself out.

It now appears that the problem is a little more widespread than we first thought - it's certainly a cache/proxy issue at the ISP side of things, but it does make accessing some areas of the site difficult at the very least!

If you have trouble accessing the menu then the only solution at present is to go through the address. This isn't a perfect solution, but at least is bypasses the problem for the time being.

I would appreciate it if people could let me know which ISP's they use and whether they're affected. The best way of doing this would be to comment on this news item - just state your ISP and whether you're having problems. I'm hoping things will sort themselves out soon!

Colin Polonowski

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