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A bit of a disaster

Well it is for me anyway! This morning I managed to completely trash my hard drive - I lost everything, important files, email, the works and my one-and-only backup appears to have got corrupted. Having spent the best part of five hours getting things up and running - most of the this time was taken up searching for things which were in the corrupted backup - I now need to get hold of everything I've lost. If you've sent me an e-mail that hasn't been replied to yet then please resend it now. Also, can the Toy Story 2 competition winners I've contacted please resend me their addresses - I would mail to ask, but I don't have your names or e-mail any more! In the mean time I apologise for the fact that I won't be updating the site again today (and probably tomorrow!) - hopefully I'll be able to get things in order ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

Colin Polonowski

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