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The Repressed English
In the first of an ongoing series of articles about underrated and ignored DVDs that deserve another look, I've examined a couple of films about one of my favourite subjects, the repressed historical English.

The Modern Vampire Film
Here I focus on a couple of underrated examples of the modern vampire film, without a single joke about how the genre has been 'sucked dry' of late...

Stanley Kubrick
Here I look at a couple of the less appreciated achievements from the director who many would describe as one of the greatest filmmakers ever, Stanley Kubrick.

The Intellectual Cannibal Comedy
Here I look at two of the strangest, most daring and brilliantly offbeat films of the last few years, and has lived to tell the tale...

Kevin Costner
Here I look at the unappreciated achievements of Kevin Costner, and realise that the man really has been neglected unfairly in recent years.

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