Bad news for Buffy fans - the UK release of the Season One boxset has been delayed by a week. Nothing sinister, but Fox wanted to make sure they had enough discs to meed demand. It's now due on 4 December.

We've had a few queries with regards to excellent Farscape - seeing as Season One just came to the end of it's DVD run, people have been asking when we can expect Season Two. As far as I am aware, we can expect the first Season Two discs to appear next February.

Toy Story 2 didn't manage to break any sales records last week. Despite being one of the biggest titles this month it only managed to fall into the hands of 66,000 consumers - well short of the current record holder (The World Is Not Enough), could this have something to do with the price? Surprisingly, the two-disc release of Fight Club didn't fare too well either with around 30,000 sales.

Colin Polonowski

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