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EXCLUSIVE! Braveheart R2 Will Include Mel Gibson Commentary

In a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE, DVD Times can reveal that the Region 2 special edition of Braveheart will include a full-length commentary by Mel Gibson. There had been doubts as to whether or not this would be featured due to differing cuts of the film on either side of the Atlantic. This normally results in the commentary being dropped as it no longer fits the scenes of the film.

However, Fox have taken a different approach with the long awaited Braveheart and have edited and re-recorded certain parts of the commentary in order to allow it to be included.

This is great news as it would appear to suggest that Region 2 is finally being taken seriously, with as much time and effort spent on the European releases as is taken on the American versions. So there you have it, some great news for the Braveheart fans amongst you who wanted to wait for the R2 version of this film.

Of course, knowing our luck, they'll stick RCE on it and make it unplayable in most of our players (joke, people, joke).

Carl Prescott

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