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Wharfedale vs Gladiator developments

Anyone who's been following the comments attached to the Wharfedale Defeated? news item will be aware that the Wharfedale DVD750 isn't the only DVD player affected by these problems - they appear to affect the entire range of machines using any version of the LSI Logic firmware. This includes the Proline DVD1000, Grundig GDV210 and Grundig GDV210A. The Wharfedale DVD750S and Lecson DVD900 players use the Zoran firmware and are unaffected.

One poster under the name of moorhen has kindly posted a full list of chapter/title numbers for the features on the second DVD - these should help you to access the majority of the features. Another poster under the name of Frost has posted a potential solution for Proline DVD1000 owners - this will probably work for the other machines listed above too.

So, all is not lost and things like this show just how useful the news comments feature can be - solutions to many problems can be found fairly rapidly!

Colin Polonowski

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