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Gladiator issues

Regardless of what you may have been told by Tesco, Wharfedale, Currys or any other interested party with regards to the recent Gladiator problems, no official statement has been made - anyone telling you that upgrades will be available are passing on unconfirmed and decidedly flaky information. We're still waiting on official statements from all the companies involved - we have spoken to some of them and as soon as the situation is resolved we will post details of what you need to do. There's little point in contacting the companies directly - as we've already seen some phone staff aren't fully aware of the situation and any information you receive could be flawed. One thing's for sure - don't rush into returning your discs or exchanging your player. There may be a simple solution to the problems and steps are currently being taken to prevent this sort of thing occuring in the future. Finally, regardless of speculation elsewhere we can confirm that the disc plays fine on the Sony Playstation 2 - it does appear that the console does indeed feature the LSI Logic firmware (in a slightly modified form) as exclusively uncovered by DVD Times earlier this year.

Colin Polonowski

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