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Sammy 709 - New Hack Found

Great news for the Samsung 709 owners amongst you, a new hack has been found that doesn't require you o get hold of a different remote. That's right, using nothing but the mighty power of the 709's own remote, you can make your player region and macrovision free! Well then, on with the show, to make your player multi-region follow these instructions:

  • Remove any discs from the tray
  • Push the 'Repeat' button on your remote
  • Using the remote, enter 3, 8, 7, 6, 7
  • '02' should appear on your screen indicating the current region
  • Push the number on your remote corresponding to the region you wish to select or push '9' for region free
  • Push 'Open/Close' on your player
  • Push the red 'DVD' button on your remote
  • Play your DVDs
There are also reports of this hack working on all new Samsung machines too (the 511-811 series) along with the Thomson DTH-3300 so if you get a chance to confirm this, post a comment on this story letting us know. One final thing, the number of times you can change the region is limited although a cold restart resets this limit. Check out the FAQ at 709 Online for details on how to do this. A big thanks goes out to 709 Online for reporting the story and John Hazeldene for bringing it to my attention.

Carl Prescott

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