Toy Story - another blow for the LSI chipset?

The latest disc to push the LSI Logic chipset used in the Wharfedale DVD750, Proline DVD1000 and Grundig GDV210 is the extras disc in todays release of Toy Story: The Ultimate Toybox. The symptoms are very similar to the Gladiator problems - the disc refuses to play, although you can still access the extras by using the GOTO option on the remote control. Hopefully, some kind soul will once again supply us with a list of title/chapter numbers and the corresponding feature - if you have access to such a list then feel free to post it as a comment on this story! The problem with Gladiator is currently being addressed and we're expecting a statement very soon - however, with two very high-profile releases causing problems, it is now going to be very interesting to see just what the final solution is...

Colin Polonowski

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