What's Up Tiger Lily

Second Sight have officially announced their 5 February release of Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily?

Here's a direct copy and paste job from the press release...

In describing What's Up Tiger Lily we thought it best left to Woody himself

"We took a Japanese film, made in Japan by Japanese actors and actresses and I took out all the soundtrack and knocked out all the voices and I wrote a comedy. The result is a movie where people are running around doing all those James Bondian things but what's coming out of their mouths is something wholly other.

"It was done before actually, in Gone with the Wind, but not many people know that. Those were Japanese people actually and we dubbed in American voices, Southern voices. But that was years ago."

What's Up Tiger Lily? will feature a digitally remastered widescreen transfer and will retail for £15.99...

Colin Polonowski

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