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We can exclusively reveal (we beat Watchdog!) that the second Gladiator DVD has been repressed and is available to owners of the Wharfedale DVD750 now. All you have to do to obtain a replacement is to return the disc which is causing problems to a freepost address and a shiny new working version will be sent back to you.

The new discs are already in the country so the wait will be minimal. We can also now reveal the cause of the problem - the DVD featured a huge reference table due to the number of extra features. This took up more memory than what is available in the Wharfedale machine and therefore crashed the player. The disc has been repressed as this is the easiest solution all round - it's easer to replace a DVD than to upgrade a DVD player. Neither Universal, Columbia Tristar or Wharfedale were at fault - it was a combination of issues which resulted in this one compatibilty.

All you'll need to do is pop the disc in an envelope along with your name and address and send it off. There's no need to use protective packaging, but in order to receive a replacement you will HAVE to return the original disc. The address you'll need is:

Mail Marketing/CTHV
PO BOX 380
Helpline: 0141 300 4903
I am also trying to find out if this offer is open to owners of the Proline DVD1000 and Grundig GDV210 - as soon as I have the details on what they play to do I'll post them here.

The problem with the recent Disney discs is something different and is currently being investigated. This time around though the finger of blame is currently being pointed in the direction of Disney. We've also had reports of problems with the Region 2 release Wallace and Gromit - this is also being investigated and the cause of the problem is still to be ascertained. As soon as we have information on how the above problems will be tackled we'll post it here.

UPDATE - The offer applies to all owners of the Gladiator disc, regardless of machine so if you're having trouble, pop your disc in an envelope and get it swapped.
Carl Prescott

Colin Polonowski

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