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X-Box Will Not Play DVDs

In an interesting move, Microsoft have officially confirmed that their forthcoming games console, the X-Box, will not be able to play DVDs straight from the box. This is despite the machine featuring a DVD-ROM drive as standard.

In a stunning act of what can only be described as sheer money grabbing, the X-Box will only playback DVDs once you've shelled out for an additional pack including CineMaster playback software and a remote control.
In their press release, Microsoft claim that this is because the PS2's DVD functionality, "...received poor marks [because] of its awkward controls..." and that the route the X-Box has adopted will mean that Microsoft will, "...make it work for people who want that functionality...".

So there you have it, the X-Box will be crippled from the word go, a move that will surely upset a large number of people, and give Sony something to have a good old grin about.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:35:43

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