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TV Series - how would you prefer to see them?

That's the subject of our new poll. We're now beginning to see more and more TV series making the jump onto DVD - so far we've seen a variety of formats ranging from the seasonal boxsets (X Files, Buffy), multiple boxsets (Farscape) and individual discs containing a number of episodes (Stargate SG1, Friends).

What we want to know is what you'd prefer? A number of other big series are set to appear on DVD in the UK soon - there are even rumours that the new series of Star Trek: Voyager could be released on DVD monthly alongside the VHS releases.

Please take the time to vote in the poll, and if you'd like to go into more detail then feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts.

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:35:30

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