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Apple to let you make your own DVDs

It seems clear that Apple are targeting the desktop video market in much the same way that they targeted the desktop publishing market a decade ago - something emphasised by their latest announcement of various products designed to let you create your own DVDs.

The latest Power Mac G4 machines include an optional CD-RW/DVD-R drive that can read and write both CDs and DVDs (the latter apparently being playable in standard DVD players), and there are two software options offering various degrees of complexity.

The iDVD software comes with the drive, and is the consumer-level product that allows you to create DVDs with basic menus and navigation - going from the spec sheet, it sounds like the DVD equivalent of iMovie, the video-editing software that comes with most current iMacs.

Rather more exciting is the professional equivalent, DVD Studio Pro, which is designed for rather more complex and demanding DVD authoring requirements, including animated menus, multiple language tracks and subtitles, multiple viewing angles and all the other DVD features we know and love.

The down side, as ever, is the price - the DVD Studio Pro software costs $995 while the cheapest iDVD system is currently an eye-watering $3,499.00 (not including a monitor!), though given the usual trends those prices should start to plummet once the competition hots up - remember how CD recorders started at four figures only a few years ago?

For more information, see Apple's website.

Michael Brooke

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:32:43

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