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Hitachi Announce DVD-RAM Camcorder

An interesting implementation of the DVD-RAM format has been announced by Hitachi in the form of a DVD Camcorder.

The DZ-MV100 will record directly onto 8cm discs which have a storage capacity of 2.8Gb allowing either 60 minutes of 'high quality' film (6mbps) or 120 minutes of 'standard quality' (3mbps). Alternatively, you can use the camcorder as a still camera and store around 2,000 JPEGs at 1280x960. On top of all this, the camcorder has USB support allowing simple connection to your PC for movie editing and such like.

Sounding like a completely sensible idea (after all, movies are what DVD was invented for), I have a couple of reservations, namely:

  • DVD-RAM is not compatible with existing DVD players, so no home movie DVDs on your widescreen TV. In actual fact, it's not even compatible with all current PC DVD-ROM drives.

  • Any laser based writing/burning mechanism is not ideally suited to a mobile device. Potentially a jog of the camcorder whilst writing could destroy an entire disc, and at present they don't come cheap. In Hitachi's defence, the camcorder does contain advanced shock absorbing functionality.
The unit will be, "Available Early 2001," and no retail price is yet available. Thanks to Adidajnz for the heads up on this.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:32:41

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