Disney are to release last years CGI-generated spectacle, Dinosaur onto Region 2 DVD on 26 March. As is becoming increasingly common for Disney DVD releases there will be two versions available - the standard one-disc release will retail for £22.99 while the two-disc special edition will retail for a jaw-dropping £29.99. I'm sure everyone knows my stance on pricing and to charge £29.99 for two discs is in my view unreasonable to say the very least and £22.99 for the one disc version is frankly unacceptable.

So what can we expect? Well, both versions will feature:

  • Interactive games
  • Behind the scenes viewing mode
  • 3D Workbook to final film comparison
  • Audio commentary by directors Ralph Zondag and Eric Leighton, special effects supervisor Neil Krepela and digital effects supervisor Neil Eskuri
  • Sneek peeks of The Kid, Lady and the Tramp 2, Hunchback 2 and Snow White (most likely as forced pre-film trailers)

    The two-disc release will also feature a lot of additional material. I have a list I need to confirm, but at first glance it appears to be on a par with the recent Fantasia and Toy Story boxsets in terms of quantity and hopefully quality!

    In terms of presentation, we can expect a pin-sharp digital anamorphic transfer with DD5.1 sound. There are rumblings that we may get a DTS soundtrack as well but at this time it's only speculation. I'll post full details on the full specifications as soon as possible.

    Colin Polonowski

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