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Dinosaur Extras

Here are the full specs for both the standard £22.99 release and the £24.99 collector's edition of Dinosaur taken directly from the Disney press release:

Standard release

  • Three set top games:
    Aladar’s Adventure – a Virtual reality game with 3 levels that tests the viewer’s memory. First you help Aladar find his friends hidden in the caves. Once they’ve all been found, the search goes on for water. After the water has been found, the goal is to break out from the caves and find the nesting ground.
    Dinosearch – The player will be given three screens of CGI models of Dinosaurs throughout the screens and the player must pick the proper pieces to make up the whole Dinosaur. Each dinosaur has a different bone structure.
    Dinopedia – The viewer will listen to fun facts about each kind of Cretacious creature. There is a boy who narrates over the footage from the movie. The Boy explains each of the creatures and gives history behind them.

  • Behind the Scenes Viewing Mode:
    By Selecting the “Behind the Scenes Viewing Mode” option from the menu, the viewer (while watching the film) can access “making of” materials relating to a particular sequence by selecting a special icon that will pop-up on the screen at appropriate times. This will take the viewer away from the film to see behind-the-scenes materials relevant to that scene (See Below). After viewing the material, the viewer will automatically be returned to the same point in the film.

    If the viewer does not want to watch the movie to see these behind-the-scenes materials, they can also be accessed, separately, from a menu.

  • 3D Workbook: Opening Sequence:
    Lemur Live Action Reference
    Live Action Shoot: The Ritual Tree
    Progression Reel: The Meteor Strikes
    Dinosaur Models
    Deleted Scene: Scavengers
    Scene in a Different Light
    Deleted Scene: Eema Gives Up
    Voice Recording
    Storyboard to Film Comparison
    Deleted Scene: Neera saves the Dinosaurs
    The Cave Miniature Set
    Foley Sound Effects Demonstration
    Alternate Ending

  • Audio Commentaries:
    Directors – Eric Leighton, Ralph Zondag.
    Special Effects Supervisors – Neil Krepela, Neil Eskuri

  • Orange Blue Music Video
Collector's Edition

As above plus:
  • Development:
    Proof of concept test
    Live action backplate test
    Presentation reel
    Early presentation reel
    Visual development

  • Creating the characters:
    Designing and building the Dinosaurs
    Character design
    Preliminary designs and building of the Lemurs

  • The Production Process:
    Creating a prehistoric world
    The Monster Cloud
    The Dino Cam
    Story Reel and 3D workbook - Aladar Joins the Herd

  • Production progression:
    Scenes shown in storyboard, 3D workbook and finished animation format

  • Comparisons to final film:
    Storyboard vs finished film
    3D workbook vs finished film

  • Progression reels:

  • Music and sound:
    Sound design
    Audio mix down

  • Abandoned sequences

  • Four hidden animated Easter Eggs

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Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:32:12

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