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New DVD Times Sponsor

I'd just like to welcome a new site sponsor to the fold. DVD UP have joined the the growing list of DVD Times supporters - hopefully they'll be with us for a very long time.

Remember that every time you order through a link on the DVD Times site you are helping to ensure that we continue to exist - without our advertisers, running the site would be impossible due to the way we have grown rapidly in the last few months.

So, here's a nice list of DVD Times supporters you can pick from if you're planning to order any DVDs or hardware in the near future:

DVD Up - DVD software
Upgrade Heaven - DVD hardware and upgrades
Mail UK - DVD hardware and upgrades
Hifi Store - DVD and Home Cinema hardware
DVD Street - DVD software (+ Books, Games, CDs) - DVD software, Books, CDs, Games - Region 1 DVD software, Books, CDs, Games
Blackstar - DVD software and VHS

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:32:08

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